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Damien Sherwell from Sherwell homes Bendigo

Builder Bio: Damien Sherwell

I am a problem solver, timber loving, hands on, perfectionist kind of guy who loves to share a laugh and not take life too seriously.

I have a massive passion for building and I am constantly seeking out the next construction challenge to ensure I keep my skills sharp which helps me stay one step ahead of the pack in quality and innovation.


Growing up in the small country town of Nhill, I moved to Bendigo in 2002 to complete my apprenticeship (Certificate III in Building and Construction) with a local boutique builder. Here my passion for building was cemented, as was my drive to perfect my craftsmanship. I was taught old school methods to always ensure the highest of quality standards were preserved.


By 2014, I was ready to take the next step towards a successful solo career and be part of the next generation of builders. My goal was simple, to build a lasting legacy with quality, custom designed homes, renovations and extensions….. and this is where Sherwell Homes was born.


I love brainstorming with my clients and encourage them to throw as many “out of the box” ideas my way. Being able to build something that was once your dream, turned vision and then into reality is what really makes myself and the team proud! We would love for you to say that, “We totally ‘NAILED’ it!”


So if you feel like you are looking for something a little left of field, a step up from what you’ve seen around or perhaps just have no idea where to start, then we are ready to accept the challenge.

Damien Sherwell
Custom Home Builder






‘We build your dreams as if they were our own’


We aim to educate our clients so they know the true value of their investment - we give you honest and accurate information to help you to make the best decision for YOU without the bullshit.


We aim to build customer relationships by making our communication easy to understand, and we LISTEN, we truly listen to what the client wants, from start, through the build, to completion and beyond.


We aim to take your ideas, help shape them, and bring them to reality


We aim to measure our worth by our accuracy, precision, and the quality of our results.

Precision & Accuracy

Close enough is not good enough. Only high quality workmanship is good enough. We double check all measurements and angles to make sure the highest standards are met.

—  Name, Title

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